Tree of Hope

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The crown of The Tree of HOpe

A recent installation in Dayton, Ohio

In December of 2012 Jonquil-Design installed this lovely sculpture in the new Oncology wing of Miami Hospital South.

Tree of Hope Banner

Banners for the new Cancer Center include an image designed after the look of the sculpture

We were delighted when the hospital staff showed us the new banners for the Cancer Center; designed with the sculpture in mind.


There are 500 “New Leaf” Swarovski crystals on the sculpture

And there are 2000 steel leaves welded to the branches. And 200 LED lights in the crown as well

Completed Tree of Hope

This sculpture took 6 weeks to build, 5 days to transfort and 3 days to install.

We built the sculptures in the Portland Studio; Gabriel drove it across country and we installed in late December 2012. With great help from a very co-operative General Contractor, and the Hospital Staff!


Serving Up Style

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Click on my name to get a coupon to The Fall Home and Garden Show October 4-7, at the Expo Center


Acorn Steam

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This photo was just posted on the Sacramento International Airport Facebook Page. Here is “Acorn Steam” one year after installation! What a great experience. Fabricated in Portland at the Jonquil-Design Studio.


Serving Up Style

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Serving Up Style, a Benefit for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus has started their media campaign for the Fall Home and Garden Show. Jonquil-Design is one of the 20 design teams for 2012!!! We very happy to be included in this exclusive group of designers and Jonquil and Gabriel are busy developing the elements that will be included in our dining room experience.

New to Blogging, I want to take this opportunity to introduce Jonquil-Design and who and what we are. I am the owner and our core team consists of me and Gabriel Evans. We have worked together for 7 years.

Here we are at a recent lighting party. We built a very large sculpture for Donald Lipski and installed it in the Sacramento International Airport in 2011.

The sculpture was built here in Portland, Oregon and trucked to Sacramento last summer. Gabe  a self-titled stunt welder, is the all around mechanical wizard behind our work. Gabe is the welder, electrician and structural designer.

I provide research, design, sketches, project management and all the artistic sculpting for our projects.



Most projects begin with a set of drawings, sketches and model that begin and define the dialog with the client. It’s a phase for building excitement and awareness about how the sculpture will look and feel!



Exhibits Gallery

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